Buyer Challenges: Our Story

It always surprises me to hear someone say that they believe buying a home is never going to happen for them. They usually believe this because:

  1. They have horrible credit
  2. They don’t have a down payment

What if I told you that building/ repairing your credit isn’t as hard as you might think?…& that there are down payment assistance programs that will help fund your down payment? 

Let’s use myself as an example. It wasn’t an easy road to homeownership for Marc & I.  We were faced with both these issues!

>> But we got there! 

In a nutshell, 2004 was the last time we were both full-time, W2 employees. I worked for the City, while Marc worked for an engineering company. We both read the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. Then decided that Real Estate was going to be our path to “financial freedom”…and both quit our day jobs to jump into a new career in Real Estate as Mortgage Loan Originators. As crazy as this decision was, neither of us had ever worked in sales, nor knew a thing about mortgage lending! And just when we were getting the hang of it… 💥BAM! The 2007 mortgage crisis hits, and starts the beginning of the Great Recession! And to add to the stress was realizing that our daughter, Abigail was on the way!

Things were not going well at this point. We didn’t have much money, with bills up to our eyeballs, no incoming paychecks, and a baby due in Feb ‘08! We were definitely at our ROCK BOTTOM!!

Marc went back to work in engineering, and I stayed home to raise our new little bundle of joy. In 2010, we opted to file for bankruptcy. We worked on re-building our credit, while Marc saved as much as he could. 

In April of 2014, we felt that we were FINALLY ready to buy. So I hustled, and got my Real Estate license in 3 weeks. It took us nearly 4 months to find the perfect home.

Read about  our experience here

But we did it! With only 3% down on an FHA loan and a $35k reno budget!

Find our 1st fixer upper here!

Let me remind you, neither of us EVER picked up a hammer to work on a home. We literally knew NOTHING! But had the help of great friends and family to show us the ropes. The rest, we owe to YouTube University! 🙃

So, if you think that buying a home is nearly impossible for you? Believe me when I say… YOU CAN DO IT! I’ve been through it all! & I’m a pro at buying & selling real estate, if I might add! 

I am totally here to help guide you to your dream! YOU SOOOO —> DESERVE IT! 

In fact, I have helped many of my clients buy their 1st home in less time than it took me! Call me today, so we can discuss how “WE” can get you there! 

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