JAMS Family Fixer Upper…

It’s official!!!… We SOLD our first fixer upper!
It was definitely a fun/scary learning experience. From demolition to renovation, we are proud to say we did about 90% of the work ourselves.

With the help of our loving family & friends who helped us along the way, we are FOREVER grateful!! – – you know who you are!

Here are a few fun pics of us working on the house…

When we purchased in September 2014, we anticipated that we’d be able to sell the home in 2 years for roughly $300k. When we were finally ready to list our home, we felt the value was more around $340k – $350k.

Strategically, we decided to list slightly below at $329k…and were amazed at the results! We had multiple offers which resulted in a final sale price of $387,500!!

When you decide to put your home on the market… trust your agent & don’t be afraid to start with a lower price tag. It takes a minimum of 2 offers to start a bidding war, so having a lower sales price will help generate the activity you want & need.

Higher price tags usually bear the risk of less attraction, fewer offers, & longer days on market. Which eventually results in a daunting price reduction.

So set yourself up for selling success… start low and generate the frenzy all sellers are looking for!! Give buyers the ability to bargain with a wider margin!  Just entice them to jump in! You’ll be just as amazed as we were.

… A home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it!

. . . on to the next one!!


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    1. Thank you Emily, that means a lot! At the beginning, we had no clue what we were doing. Even questioned if we’d be able to put the house back together! lol. But we did it! 😁

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