Working with Buyers in 2021!

I am beyond excited for my client! We are officially pending on this beauty. It took us 5 offers, in 50 days to get here! That breaks down to 1 offer written every 10 days. Which I must say… Ain’t too FREAKIN’ bad! 

When I’m representing sellers, I hear all sorts of stories from agents on the other side – – About their buyers being tired of losing out after… t e n , f i f t e e n ,  t w e n t y  offers!   

I can’t say I’m surprised in today’s market! My last couple of listings had 14 & 28 offers each… that’s 13 & 27 buyers who lost out!  That’s why having the “ r i g h t – a g e n t “ on your side is more important than EVER.  Not all agents have the experience and strategies to help you be on the winning side of a deal.    

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Shelter in Place Date Night

What’s better than date night? Date night in your own home! Remember, we “get to” stay home so let’s make the most of it! With all the stress that comes with the uncertainty of what we’re facing, there’s nothing better than a good date night with your spouse or significant other to calm anxieties and have some fun! On today’s blog, I’m sharing 10 “Shelter in Place” Date night ideas!

Staying in for date night can be just as fun as going out!

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Buyer Challenges: Our Story

It always surprises me to hear someone say that they believe buying a home is never going to happen for them. They usually believe this because:

  1. They have horrible credit
  2. They don’t have a down payment

What if I told you that building/ repairing your credit isn’t as hard as you might think?…& that there are down payment assistance programs that will help fund your down payment? 

Let’s use myself as an example. It wasn’t an easy road to homeownership for Marc & I.  We were faced with both these issues!

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JAMS Kitchen Design

Do you dream of a new kitchen, only to get discouraged because you think the cost will be outrageous?  According to Home Advisor, the national average is roughly $22k.  
What if I told you that we spent less than $12k on this kitchen?  Granted we saved HUGE $$$ on labor. But if we can do it… you can do it too!

You have the knowledge right at your fingertips. Google and YouTube was our best friend in learning how to put things together. The rest was trial & error.

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Fun in the snow!

It’s become a norm for us to plan a weekend getaway of some sort for Abby’s birthday instead of planning a party.  Ok, ok, it’s technically for all our birthdays.  But we always give Abby the choice… party or getaway?  And she always chooses the getaway!

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