Working with Buyers in 2021!

I am beyond excited for my client! We are officially pending on this beauty. It took us 5 offers, in 50 days to get here! That breaks down to 1 offer written every 10 days. Which I must say… Ain’t too FREAKIN’ bad! 

When I’m representing sellers, I hear all sorts of stories from agents on the other side – – About their buyers being tired of losing out after… t e n , f i f t e e n ,  t w e n t y  offers!   

I can’t say I’m surprised in today’s market! My last couple of listings had 14 & 28 offers each… that’s 13 & 27 buyers who lost out!  That’s why having the “ r i g h t – a g e n t “ on your side is more important than EVER.  Not all agents have the experience and strategies to help you be on the winning side of a deal.    

Believe me! That’s where I started 7 years ago, shortly after real estate began to recover from 2008.  This was back in 2014 – when I was MY OWN, “ 1st client! ” It took Marc & I five months and 10 offers to find our first home. 

Click here to see our first #JAMSfixerupper…

It was a much slower market then…

  1. still a multiple offer market
  2. buyers still performed inspections
  3. sellers paid closing costs, most of the time
  4. sales prices were pretty close to list prices, if not below

The market was still full of short sales and bank owned homes. The home we bought was actually Fannie Mae owned home.

I think this is when people ingrained in their minds that foreclosures were such a great deal! In my opinion, short sales & foreclosures were in much better condition then – than they are now. Going back to my days in mortgage lending in 2004… Foreclosures were rarely heard of. A short sale? Even more of a unicorn.

Ok.  I’d better cut this short!  Until next time ~ ✌🏼💕
Thank you SO much, for staying with me this far! Writing this today really reminded me of how much I enjoy putting my “ Real Estate LIFE “ out there to share with the world!…

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