About Agent Jayna & Marc

My name is Jayna Pascua, and in the world of Real Estate, I like to go by Agent Jayna!

To be able to provide my clients with the utmost care, I’ve spent close to a decade of building my business with systems and processes, to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. And with my new team member, Agent Marc, to assist with “behind-the-scene” tasks, this WILL allow me to remain my focus on YOU, my clients!

Creating and building long lasting relationships is the foundation of our business.  We strive to earn just ONE shot at your business, so that we can demonstrate our value to you! We truly believe that we can fulfill your needs, and exceed your expectations. We ask that you share any positive experience with friends and family! When you (our clients) are happy, we’re happy! And you can be assured that any REFERRALS from you, will be just as happy!!

It is believed that Homeownership is “The American Dream”… but for us, it’s so much deeper than that. While homes have been an appreciating asset for all of our lives, it is no doubt that Real Estate – IS – the ultimate tool to creating financial stability, as well as building long term wealth! & that’s exactly what our goal is… for ourselves, our clients, and friends & family!! 

Not only are we Brokers, but also Investors of Real Estate. Whether you’re a novice investor, or a seasoned investor, we want to network with you! We ARE an open book, and we welcome ANYBODY that is interested in learning what we’ve learned!  Everything from finding, assessing, & securing an investment property… to creatively financing your opportunity… to execution & exit strategies. If there are any details you would like to know or learn from us, we are always here to help…as well as share ideas!

We want to be your life-long agent, to help, to mentor, and to guide you so that you can live YOUR best life too!

My experience — Along with my experience as a licensed Realtor since 2014, I also possess 5 years of experience in the mortgage industry, as a Loan Originator. With this experience, I have the ability to coordinate with your loan officer to effectively streamline the closing process.

Negotiating — Effective listening and communication, as well as understanding the WANTS and NEEDS of my clients, are traits that I take most pride in! Whether I am negotiating to get the most for my Sellers, or negotiating to put my Buyers in the best position to win offers, my strategic negotiation techniques will help them achieve their specific buying/selling needs. My client’s goals become my goals!

Our passion — It’s no secret… Real Estate IS our passion. And because of our passion, we have gained vast knowledge in so many aspects of Real Estate! It is the path we have chosen to reach our dream of Financial Freedom!

Ready to join us on our journey? We would like to get to know you! You can also visit our journey here…


Yours Truly, 

Agent Jayna & Agent Marc
Real Estate Broker / Investor

Call us today, so we can connect & discuss what your real estate needs are. Even if it’s a 10 year plan, we’ll help you get there.