Fun in the snow!

It’s become a norm for us to plan a weekend getaway of some sort for Abby’s birthday instead of planning a party.  Ok, ok, it’s technically for all our birthdays.  But we always give Abby the choice… party or getaway?  And she always chooses the getaway!

She’s definitely our baby, ’cause her dad & I love to getaway every chance we get!  But we still don’t skimp on celebrating her birthday.  She still got 3 birthday celebrations this year!  One with her Popo & Gregg, another with her Nana & Umpa, and lastly we had some fun at Trampoline Nation with her 3 day apart birthday buddy Reelan!

For our getaway, we decided to have some FUN in the snow!  We kept it local and hit the tubing slopes at The Summit at Snoqualmie.  We spent 2 nights & 3 days in the Hunt’s Remedy Cabin located at the base of Summit Central.

It was a nice relaxing trip away from work, school & home.  The cabin didn’t have cable TV, so we cozied up and watched 2 classics on Netflix… Encino Man and Turner & Hooch.  If you don’t already know, Abby is an enormous animal lover and totally balled out to the ending when Hooch didn’t make it.  🙁

We also had a blast tubing, I got to get some reading done, and Marc got to use his imagination and created a masterpiece out of ice! (check out the last pic) lol

Here are some pics…

Until next time…

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