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How many of you caught the segment on Q13 last night?… Seattle is the Hottest Housing Market in the Country!!  It’s no secret that real estate is booming in our City.  So I’m sure you’ve heard it quite a few times already.  

Being in the forefront of the Seattle Real Estate market, there was one thing that caught my attention in that segment.  Due to King County sticker shock, homebuyers are purchasing homes as far as Kitsap County!  With a whooping $518K median price, it sure makes home buying in King County pretty tough, but not IMPOSSIBLE.  I would not be able to handle a 1.5 hour commute each way from Kitsap County to downtown Seattle on the daily, but that’s just me.

With that said… if you happen to be shopping for a home, it’s definitely good to be in the know.  My opinion may or may not be a bit clouded due to the fact that I live and sell houses in the area. But I strongly suggest taking a look just 20 miles outside of DT Seattle in Des Moines!  With a median sales price of $326K, easy access to I-5, 509 and the new Angle Lake Light Rail Station only 6 minutes away… It’s a no brainer if you ask me!

We purchased our home in August of 2014 for $210K and I must say that I am glad we landed in Des Moines. It’s truly a hidden gem & I absolutely love living here!

Below are 2 charts showing the median sales price (MSP) growth in Des Moines which amounts to 30% since 2014.

If you’re not set on Des Moines, I would suggest sticking to areas with a future Link Light Rail station.  Especially if you’re looking for an easy commute with the possibility of a great appreciation rate.  Not sure where Link Light Rail is going?  Here’s the plan map!

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  1. Be careful – People are going to discover what an amazing little seaside town we have here! All joking aside, I hadn’t realized how much the median home prices had gone up in the area. It seems like a steal to live here, especially with the light rail expansions happening.

    1. Hi Emily!!
      I know right?! Des Moines has so much potential and it would be amazing to see it grow into a hoppin’ little city! Although, I would definitely miss the quiet, small town feel. I love the community we have in our little city.

      And you are right… It really is a steal to live here!

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